6 Bridgerton Influenced Fashion Flourishes You Can Actually Wear in Real Life

The lustrous regencycore frocks of Bridgerton are a dazzling bouquet for the eye, although perhaps a tad over the top for even those born with the most silver of spoons in their regal cakeholes. 

As Elouise Bridgerton memorably quipped, “having a nice face and pleasant hair is not an accomplishment,” but teasing the wearable touchstones out of Bridgerton’s sumptuous dressing up box most certainly is. 

There is no need to cram your bosom into an impossibly small strip of empire-waisted discomfort or to slam a tiara on to borrow a little bit of flirty, ultra-feminine fun from the Bridgerton set. Below are a few key notes you can actually wear in real life to trot, skirts aloft, elegantly into Spring.


Elegant Embroidery 

Image credit: The Shirt Company/Netflix/The Shirt Company 


The embroidery hoop is the Candy Crush of a well-bred regency woman. Something to pointlessly while away the time and not sully the delicate brain with too much exertion. 

Embroidery also flounces off of the frame and into the stunning delicate garments — especially those favoured by the chic, understated (well, comparably) Bridgerton family. With their flowers, frills, ruffles and delicate buttons, we think our Gretchen and Tilly shirts have a modern-day Bridgerton flavour. 

Timeless Lace

Image credit: Netflix/The Shirt Company


Sheer lacy sleeves and decorative cuffs are an Elouise favourite and, fittingly, they timelessly slip into modernity. 

We love how Elouise accessorises with pops of colour to show her vivid personality and the Jasmine high neck smock blouse is the perfect backdrop for your brightest brooches, cameos and cravat. 


Featherton Florals

Image credit: The Shirt Company/Netflix


The Featheringtons love a punchy colour coupled with a playful floral and Penelope is the pick of the bunch in her signature yellow looks. Sure, yellow might be an allegory for deceit in the show, but there’s no need for us to dwell on that because it just pops. 


A splash of toned town Bridgerton sunshine can be found in our prairie-collared Elsa shirt which also comes with a spectacularly comfy sister-dress for when you want to loosen those corset strings a tad.


Playful Puff Sleeves 

Image credit: The Shirt Company/Netflix


The frou frou of a delicate puff sleeve is a quintessential Bridgerton fashion keynote, adorning the arms of everyone from the Sharmas to the Queen’s clan of ladies in waiting. 

Our Hanna scoop neck boho shirt is a totally wearable slice of regencycore realness which delivers Bridgerton vibes without making you look like an escapee from a fancy dress conference. In the words of the irrepressible Lady Danbury “You Said You Wanted To Shake Up The Season, Now’s Your Chance”

Statement Collars 

Image credit: Netflix/The Shirt Company


Anthony Bridgerton might be a cold fish who sees his potential future wife as a dutiful brood mare with a pretty human face, but he does know how to work a wonderfully OTT regency collar. 

While it might not be of exactly the right era, our Camellia shirt channels the same spirit with its eye-catching romantic ruffled collar.